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What Does It Take to Sell in Winter?

Here are five quick, helpful tips for selling your home in winter.

Last month, we only had 8,333 active listings as compared to 12,214 in December 2019—a 31% year-over-year drop. That leads me to my next point: With such a reduction in competition, right now is an amazing time to sell. Let’s talk about some wintertime home-selling tips: 

  • No seasonal decorations in your pictures. It’s okay to have a few decorations up during showings, but if your listing photos showcase a home that’s completely decked out for Christmas, it’s time to get new photos; you’re not advertising to last month’s market. 
  • Clear out ice and snow. Before every showing, clear out your entryway and put down some salt on the sidewalks if it’s icy out. 
  • Make sure your heat is on and working. If the house is cold, that’s the first thing buyers notice. They’ll be subconsciously thinking, “Wow, it must cost a lot to heat this space,” or, “Whoa… I wonder if this house needs a new furnace?” 


   A good agent knows that winter is the peak season for job relocations.


  • Light and bright is everything. There are still a lot of short days left in the winter, so make sure your home shines bright with warm, even light. Replace all your lights with LED bulbs that are at least 1200 lumens. Open all your windows and get rid of heavy drapes to let in as much natural light as possible. 
  • Properly price your home from the start. This still isn’t a time to be testing the market and hoping for a miracle. It’s always a strategy to price your home competitively from the jump to make sure you’re getting as many eyes on your listing as possible.  

Bonus tip: A good agent knows that winter is the peak season for job relocations. Work with an experienced local agent who understands the market’s year-round pulse and can also get your listing in front of buyers nationwide.  

For more information, give me a call, text, or email; I’d love to get the conversation started! I know Oklahoma winters can be rough, but I’m always here to help.